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Empower yourself and your patients by purchasing this program for a fraction of the typical charge of $599.00 for patients participating in the course.


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7 Easy Steps is a step by step program of lowering your stress and improving your sleep.  It is a program based on 30 years of clinical experience with helping people change their lives.

Think of the 7 Easy Steps as a roadmap to changing  behaviors and a tool to put your patients on a systematic path toward wellness.

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 Workbook – $79.00


Order a set of all three of these training CDs and save.  Each CD will guide your patient through exercises to learn one of three core skills for engaging the Relaxation Response.

Retail Value – $75

Seminar Special – $39.00



Webinar Join your colleagues in this introductory series of Four Training Webinars for health professionals.

Learn how to teach the skills to patients in your practice.  Each Webinar will focus on how to teach one of these core skills to your patient.  Learn to use the 7 Easy Steps workbook and CDs to teach your patients the skills to relax and to improve their sleep.  These introductory Webinars will walk you through the steps of assessing the patient’s needs, and how you can help them start learning that skill.  All interventions will be demonstrated and discussed with participants.

Webinars – $99.00



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Dr. Jaan ReitavDr Jaan Reitav is a licensed Psychologist who is certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine. He has been practicing in the areas of Clinical and Health Psychology for over 25 years. For the past seven years he has been Psychologist at the Cardiac Rehab Program at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network. The 7 Easy Steps Program has been used to effectively treat over 500 patients with chronic health problems like cardiac disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke. Dr Reitav has presented his results at health conferences in Canada and the United States.